8 Unique Candies to Add to Your Gift Shop

8 Unique Candies to Add to Your Gift Shop

How are candy sales going in your corner of the retail world? Candy earned retailers close to $37 billion in 2021 and is expected to boom into a nearly $45 billion industry by 2026. Even with increasing sales, many retailers experience sluggish periods. There are only so many packs of Starbursts or Skittles that consumers are willing to buy, right? The solution is to take your candy inventory in a new direction by adding at least a few unique candies.

We’re not talking about novelty candies that look great on the shelf but are hardly edible. The best unique candy options offer something of value for the retailer and the consumer. Some are so affordable and easy to grab off the register counter that shoppers find them difficult to pass by. Others are infused with caffeine or other ingredients that grab consumer interest beyond the sweet taste.

You can even stock unique candy gifts that your shoppers will want to give to people they love. To help you pick the best unique candy for your shop, we have eight suggestions from reputable manufacturers. They’re all readily available, easy to order, and will fit easily into a variety of retail shops.

Awake Caffeinated Caramel Chocolate Bars and Bites

How many caffeinated chocolate bars do you have in stock right now? If you’re like many small to medium candy retailers, the answer is none. That’s what makes thesecaffeinated caramel chocolate bars from Awake one of the best unique candies available today.

You can also purchase boxes ofbite-sized chocolate bars infused with caffeine if you want to tempt your shoppers with a quick energy fix that doesn’t cost as much as a full bar. The bars and bites are also available in other flavors, including:

Each caffeine-infused chocolate bite contains caffeine equivalent to half a cup of coffee. The bars pack even more punch, so get ready to see your exhausted customers grab one after the other.

Candy Club Cookie Dough Bites

Candy ClubCookie Dough Bites come in 6-ounce reusable jars and make excellent unique candy gifts. The bite-sized treats contain chewy, vanilla-flavored balls mixed with small chocolate chips and then dipped in milk chocolate. They’re the perfect surprise for anyone who loves cookie dough and chocolate-covered candies.

Cookie dough bites are sold in packs of six jars. They’re appealing to a variety of consumers, including those stocking up for parties and events or just for everyday enjoyment.

Salt Water Taffy

Don’t make your customers wait for a street festival or vacation to get theirSalt Water Taffy fix! Add a tub of premium-quality taffy to your counter and entice them with a touch of vacay in the midst of their everyday routine. One tub contains 225 pieces, so you can do a lot of sharing—and profiting—before it’s time to refill.

Salt Water Taffy is a great impulse buy that grabs the eye due to the colorful arrangement of pieces in a simple plastic tub. The container takes up little room on a shelf or counter, and you can easily swap it out for other tub candies if you want to try something new later.

Banana Split Candy Chews

Bring the ice cream shop experience to any retail outlet with a simple plastic tub ofBanana Split Candy Chews. They’re fast and easy to grab from any shelf or countertop, and you won’t sacrifice much space for the compact tub that contains 230 pieces of candy. Refill bags are available, so keeping the ice cream magic going is anything but time-consuming.

If you don’t already have at least a few small unique candies available in your shop, now is the time to remedy that problem. Many shoppers who make a fast stop to use the restroom, fill up their gas tank, or buy a cold drink will splurge on a small piece of candy even if they aren’t up for a full candy bar. Banana split chews are different from many other quick-grab candies, so they’re a great enticement for those impulse buys.

Old Fashioned Heavenly Butter Caramels

While we’re talking about unique candy options that are quick to grab, affordable, and enticing, let’s talk about theseOld Fashioned Heavenly Butter Caramels. They come 155 per tub and are made from fresh cream and then enriched with a buttery flavor. Each soft caramel chew is easily unwrapped and popped in the mouth for immediate satisfaction.

Caramels are a favorite for candy lovers young and old. They’re a classic that never gets boring, and these old-fashioned goodies will fit right into a wide variety of retail settings. From gift shops to elaborate candy stores, there’s always room for high-quality caramel that is purchased and savored one by one.

Sugar-Free Fruit Buttons

Candy isn’t off-limits for those who don’t want to consume sugar. A plastic tub ofSugar-Free Fruit Buttons is a great way to give everyone a sweet treat without interfering with dietary restrictions. Many parents also look for healthier goodies that their little ones can enjoy without a sugar spike and crash.

Each tub comes with 300 candies. Just fill it up and let it sit on a counter for those last-minute splurges in the checkout line. They’re one of the simplest and most affordable ways to expand your sweets collection while offering unique candies for those unable to indulge in sugar.

Zotz Fizzz Power Candy

Let’s jump back to the 60s with a unique candy bedazzled with a fun, fizzy center.Zotz Fizzz Power Candy comes in a tub with 300 pieces of hard candy. Each piece is filled with powder that mixes with saliva when chewed. That mixture is like a science experiment exploding in the mouth with flavor. There are 7 flavors in every tub, and the colorful wrappers grab the eye when sitting on a counter or by the register.

Small fizzing candies are perfect for a wide variety of retail settings, including snack bars at events attended by families. They’re also some of the most affordable candy options, so they encourage small unintended purchases that add up in terms of profit.

Lindt Lindor Truffles Countertop Display

If you want to move beyond small tubs of candy or caffeinated chocolate bars, consider dedicating some counter space to aLindt Lindor truffle display. The display is free from Kelli’s when you purchase at least three boxes ofLindt Lindor truffles, which is exactly what you need to set up the display.

Truffles come in a variety of flavors, including:

  •   Caramel milk chocolate
  •   Coconut milk chocolate
  •   Dark chocolate
  •   Double chocolate
  •   Milk chocolate sea salt
  •   Peppermint cookie
  •   Peppermint white chocolate

These unique candies are the perfect enticement for adults who just want a touch of something sweet. Chocolate lovers who appreciate quality will recognize the Lindt Lindor brand and reach for their favorite flavor when placed conveniently in their path.

Do you see a unique candy option that would fit into your retail environment? Select one or two to give your inventory a touch of novelty that your customers just can’t resist.

Must Haves For Your Hotel Gift Shop

Must Haves For Your Hotel Gift Shop

If you are wondering what to sell in a hotel gift shop, you are in the right place. We've all done it: you thought you remembered to pack everything for your trip until you got to your hotel room that night and realized you forgot something. But, if your hotel has a gift shop, you won't have to worry because they'll have everything you need (hopefully). Let's first take a look at the top five must-haves for any hotel gift shop.

Single Dose Medicine

Nothing is worse than being away from home, residing in a hotel, and beginning to feel ill or developing a severe headache. Give your clients a variety of single-dose medications for quick relief while they are on the go. Having Benadryl on hand for hotel guests could save a life because allergic reactions can occur anytime! Look below for our wholesale selection of the most popular single-dose medications.


Playing Cards

Believe it or not, a deck of cards is one of the best-selling items that we supply to hotel gift shops, even though it is typically not at the top of your packing list when you travel. There are times when things do not go as expected; perhaps your flight is delayed, or you must stay an additional night. A deck of cards can be useful in this situation and provide some temporary entertainment. View some of the most popular playing cards below.

Wholesale Maverick Poker Cards

Chargers & Charging Cables

Because we use our phones almost constantly, forgetting your charging cable can cause mild panic. If you only stock one item in your hotel gift shop, it should be chargers. Someone will always need one. View our wholesale chargers and charger cables for your hotel gift shop below.

Wholesale Gen Tek 5-in-1 Charger

On-The-Go Snacks

Due to flying or a packed suitcase, it is not always possible to bring snacks when going out of town. Thankfully, you can stop by the hotel's gift shop for a quick grab-and-go snack. See below for a list of our top-selling and most popular wholesale on-the-go snacks.

Additional Necessities For Every Hotel Gift Shop

  1. Wholesale Hydro Flask 
    • This Hydro Flask bottle made with professional-grade stainless steel and TempShield double wall vacuum insulation keeps ice cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks for up to 12 hours. 
  2. Wholesale Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm 
    • Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, formulated with antioxidant Vitamin E and peppermint, soothes and cools while healing the skin. 
  3. Wholesale Blistex Medicated Lip Balm 
    • Formulated with three long-lasting protectants and SPF 15, Blistex Medicated Lip Balm prevents dryness and seals in lip moisture for ultimate hydration.
  4. Wholesale Banana Boat Ultra Sport Mist Spray Sunscreen
    • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, Banana Boat Ultra Sport Mist Spray Sunscreen with SPF 50 has superior resistance in water for up to 80 minutes with clinically proven UVA/UVB protection.
  5. Wholesale Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
    • Made with 100% pure petroleum, Vaseline is clinically proven to assist in healing dry, damaged skin while always being gentle on the skin.
  6. Wholesale Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer 
    • 1oz Purell Hand Sanitizer with a refreshing gel formula kills 99.9% of germs and is perfect for on the go.
  7. Wholesale Emergen - C Vitamin C Dietary Supplement 
    • With 1000 mg of Vitamin C, B Vitamins, and several antioxidants,  Emergen - C is a fast and easy way to support immunity.
  8. Wholesale Care Cover Protective Masks
    • Care Cover Protective Masks, lined with cotton, provide two layers of protection and have adjustable elastic straps to provide the perfect fit.
  9. Wholesale Women’s Degree Solid Antiperspirant and Deodorant 
    • Perfect for on-the-go or traveling, the Women’s Degree Solid Antiperspirant and Deodorant with clean floral scents provide 24-hour sweat and odor protection.
  10. Wholesale Degree Deodorant - Men’s
    • Men’s Degree Cool Rush Deodorant with arctic-like freshness is activated by body heat and provides 24-hour dry protection.
  11. Wholesale Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Bandages
    • Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Bandages provide comfort and stretch that moves with you and does not stick to wounds. These are perfect for on-the-go travel!
  12. Wholesale Crayola Crayons
    • Proven to last 35% longer than competitors' crayons, Crayola’s Non-Toxic Crayons provide vivid, long-lasting color and are great for on the go!
  13. Wholesale Full Head Soft Toothbrush
    • Coming in a variety of colors and made with soft bristles, the Full Head Soft Toothbrush is a customer favorite and best seller!
  14. Wholesale Gen Tek TW3 Bluetooth Earbuds
    • Best-selling Gen Tek TW3 Bluetooth Earbuds with precise engineered sound can be quickly charged and hold a long charge, making them perfect for travel!
  15. Wholesale Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Wipes
    • Huggies Natural Care Sensitive Wipes are gentle and safe for sensitive skin while being fragrance, alcohol, and paraben free. This 16-count pack is perfect for parents on the go!
  16. Wholesale Jerry Giraffe
    • A kid favorite, Jerry Giraffe, is the cutest stuffed animal that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!
  17. Wholesale Kinder Joy Treat & Toy 
    • Made in Germany, Kinder Joy Treat & Toy is a family favorite with crispy chocolate inside and a fun toy inside!
  18. Wholesale Large Print Puzzle Books - Words - Finds 
    • Large Print Puzzle Books and Word Finds are the perfect way to pass the time and keep busy while traveling.
  19. Wholesale Mini Umbrellas 
    • These 9.5-inch Mini Umbrellas are easy to fold and store, making them ideal for travel.
  20. Wholesale Renu Multi-Plus Contact Lens Solution 
    • Renu Multi-Plus Contact Lens Solution cleans and disinfects contact lenses and is  TSA compliant making it travel friendly.

Kelli's, a premier hotel gift shop supplier, can help your hotel's gift shop stand out. Shop our best sellers and consumer favorites for your hotel's gift shop!

Your Go-To Birthday Party Supplies List

Your Go-To Birthday Party Supplies List

There are your classic birthday parties thrown by parents in the backyards;  Then there are your picturesque parties with everything planned months in advance down to the most minuscule detail. You’ve seen it…  the paper straws and cake frosting all follow the same color scheme, the balloon sculptures are both whimsical and tasteful,  AND the pictures. The pictures certainly make all that planning worth it. To help you sell to such planners, whether they have a knack for decorating or decidedly not, here are the best products to add to your birthday party supplies list.

Candy Jars

Taking the time to create visually pleasing, organized candy jars can be a huge time waste. To help customers avoid that, stock up on ready-made options that still have that homemade feel. Options like this Country Candy Jar make party tables look inviting and coordinated.

The Right Tunes

Music sets the mood for all parties, whether we’re talking about a highbrow cocktail party or a kids’ birthday party. Not only are party hosts looking to find the right playlist, but they need a tool to help the music reach the ears of everyone in the event. That’s a reason to offer traditional speakers, or better yet bluetooth speakers that make broadcasting playlists stored on a phone easier.


No birthday party budget list is complete without candles!  The warm glow of candles provides warmth and a design element to any party. Ranging in various colors and designs, these multi-purpose party staples are a must have for gift shops. Not only do candles provide ambiance, but they are fragrantful, known for their stress reducing properties  and are great for lighting. Add candles to your birthday party supplies list.


Many party planners want games to play or something to do to keep guests busy at their events. One good option for a kid’s party is a coloring station. Make sure you’re selling markers or colored pencils. Additionally, large coloring pages and even pages from adult coloring books are good additions to this activity station.

Take Home Gifts

The best birthday parties make sure their guests go home with a bit of swag to help them remember the celebration. Offer your customers things like these unicorn bracelet party favors,or loose beads so that guests can make their own favors. Anything that takes time and can be personalized makes kids feel catered to (and gives adults a minute or two to breathe during the happy chaos). Ensure your birthday party budget list includes a take home gift allowance  to help customers make a lasting impression on their guests.

Multipurpose Containers

Depending on where a birthday party is held, organizing gifts and activities is vital for party planning. Containers, such as these glass cubes, can be filled with balls, favor bags, treats, masks, party hats, you name it! Also, your customers can fill these with ice and drink options for their company. Having multipurpose items on hand means selling to various interest groups.

Themed Fun

Maybe a child wants to have a tea party-themed birthday, or one where Baby Shark is prominent. Having themed packs makes achieving this all the easier. Make sure your customers can purchase kits and sets that can be converted into stations where kids can use their imaginations. Stock your store with the newest toy displays to catch the eyes of every  birthday boy and girl. At Kelli’s, there’s something here for every kid, including dinosaur fossil building sets and Lego pop-up play scenes.


Of course, when it comes to celebrations, utensils are one of the staples. Forks, spoons, and plastic knives are a must when purchasing kids party supplies. Have them ready so your bulk buyers can access them easily.


What better way to show off an event than a celebratory chalkboard poster! Showcase all the different ways to use a chalkboard or whiteboard at a celebration.  Buy all shapes and sizes of chalkboards from us, including this conveniently framed chalkboard with an easy-carry handle.


Plenty of birthday parties thrown for children are thrown in gymnastics gyms, bounce houses, and trampoline parks. All that play requires energy, meaning calories, meaning snacks! Keep nibbles such as chips, popcorn, cookies and additional kids party supplies on the shelves at your gift shop or supply  store. Kelli’s offers a large selection of wholesale snacks and  goodies.

A Backdrop

Pics, or it didn’t happen! Parents want to take pictures of their kids having a good time. Therefore, having a photo backdrop with balloons at birthday parties is becoming more and more common. Whether it’s a scene showing fairy tale princesses or one covered in posed superheroes, many party planners want a designated place where they can take social media-worthy photos. Stock up on wholesale balloons to help turn your customers'  vision into a reality.

Your One-Stop Shop

Now that you know where to shop for kids party supplies, shop Kelli’s for all your wholesale needs. Help your customers throw the best parties and keep them coming back for years to come.

Scrapbooking DIY Ideas

Scrapbooking DIY Ideas

Aside from today’s digital copies, there are many ways to capture special memories and one of the most loved, popular method is by scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a crafting activity, creating a book from scratch filled with memorabilia and snippets of our life experiences. It helps preserve a keepsake of an occasion, a special event, or just a reminder of the ordinary days. 

Here at Kelli’s, we provide your customers with everything for their scrapbooking needs. Read on to find out the great variety of wholesale art supplies and scrapbooking DIY ideas we offer that you can display in your store or gift shop!

Creative Scrapbooking Gift Ideas

To encourage your customers to gift scrapbooking materials – or to start scrapbooking themselves – set up your craft area with some themed scrapbook examples. While you don’t need a special occasion to start scrapbooking, people looking for an unusual gift will be drawn to this unique and personalized option.

All Things Baby

If your customers are welcoming the newest addition to their family, celebrating baptisms or first birthdays, a baby themed scrapbook is bound to catch their eye. Pop the colors blue and pink for a gender reveal party keepsake, or place a copy of a baptism invitation in one of the scrapbook pages. Add a frame filled with colorful puncher dots or kiddie toy stickers, and the scrapbook gift is ready to go!

Wedding or Anniversary Celebration

Put a silver or gold border around the hardbound cover and insert a favorite wedding photo in the middle. This could be the front cover of your customers’ wedding scrapbook. Cut-out hearts from colored and metallic papers surrounding a movie or a theme park ticket would definitely keep precious memories alive for those celebrating their anniversary.

Travel Adventure With Best Friends

Your buyers usually enjoy a road trip from time to time. What better way for them to remember this getaway than a travel-themed scrapbook? Cover Polaroid photos with dried leaves and a destination map for that on-the-go vibe. 

No photo printouts? Place airline or bus tickets in the scrapbook instead, add some Seriously Adorable stickers to finish the look. Your customers will definitely love this best friends’ scrapbook idea!

Mom’s or Pop’s Birthday

Celebrating any parents’ birthday will always be an occasion close to everyone’s hearts. It is a way to show appreciation for the things they do, and a simple gratitude for the gift of life. Your customers can preserve this memory by keeping the local newspaper’s headline of the same date. Then, collate and paste on every page, attach family birthday photos on top, and throw in a couple of pieces of semi-crumpled Kraft paper for the instant vintage feels.

Sisterly Summer Fun

It’s not every day that we get time to spend with our siblings. So, if your buyers share a special bond with their sisters, this is the perfect scrapbooking theme for them. Just grab a marker and discover the fun of lettering! Add sun stickers, a margarita or lemonade, and beach waves. Include a quote and a tiny seashell, then sprinkle glitter on the page. This may be one of the simplest scrapbooking DIY ideas on summer fun with loved ones!

Materials Needed for Scrapbooking DIY Ideas

Of course, these themes will not be possible if your customers do not have access to scrapbooking gift ideas and the materials to create them! As store owners, providing them with a large variety of quality art supplies is a way to make them come back and shop for more! Check out some of the wholesale scrapbooking products we offer here at Kelli’s!

Journal or Notebook

Of course, scrapbooking starts with blank pages for you to complete. Whether they’re present thoughts or previous memories, your customers would like to keep them safe, and having somewhere to preserve their feelings is a good place to start the scrapbooking journey. 

Offer them the You Got This Journal. Sold in increments of 3, this teal-colored journal with gold foil lettering reminds you that your thoughts and ideas matter! Open to see its fully-lined 360 pages, acid-free and stick-bound so you can fill it with notes and scribbles without worrying the pages will turn yellow and break.

Writing Pens

Wholesale scrapbooking will not be complete without writing pens. Pens are the perfect companion for any scrapbooking DIY experience for writing labels and captions and jotting down memories. Purchase this Birds of a Feather Ballpoint Pen to inspire your customers. They are made up of real goose feathers and sold in gift boxes perfect for gifting a scrap-booker! These ballpoint pens come in assorted styles and are sold in increments of 4.

Coloring Materials

Add fun and color to any scrapbook by letting your customers buy these Super Tip Washable Markers. Their medium tips make them perfect for drawing and coloring. These non-toxic, water-based markers come in 8 pieces per pack, sold in increments of 12 sets. 

To add sparkle and glitter to the scrapbook pages, we have Ez Gels Assorted Gel Pens from Geddes. Whether you need it in neon, metallic, glitter or standard, these assorted-colored inks will definitely make a scrapbook come to life! What’s great is that your customers can handpick their non-toxic, built-in grip pen choice with each display unit of 50 pens!

Personal Mementos and Other Craft Items

Scrapbooking is a way to get creative with different craft items like twill ropes, washi tapes, dried flowers, stencils and labelers, or even magazine pages. Offer your customers a way to fill every page with a different color, content, and even various themes if they like, with wholesale art supplies

A great way to help your customers start their scrapbooking journey is with this Jojo Siwa Scrapbook Set. This is one of the best scrapbooking gift ideas for beginners because it comes complete with stickers, sequins, tape, cut outs, pattern sheets, and even a pen and glue stick to get any future scrap-booker on their feet!  

Best Place to Buy Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies

If you’re on the lookout for wholesale art supplies, you’ve come to the right place! Kelli’s offers a great variety of scrapbooking materials from journals and notebooks to writing and coloring materials. Look no further as Kelli’s offers you the scrapbooking gift ideas your customers need. Simply check our latest selection of wholesale scrapbooking items, place your orders without the need to buy in bulk, and wait for them to be delivered to your doorstep. 

You can easily showcase our items in your gift shop counters with our convenient display unit! We ship your wholesale art supplies within one business day with free domestic freight for a minimum purchase amount. With over 500+ vendors and 5,000+ items, you can be assured that you save time, effort, and multiple vendor costs in selecting the best scrapbooking DIY options here at Kelli’s!

Guide to Buying Wholesale Trendy Jewelry

Guide to Buying Wholesale Trendy Jewelry

What better way to accessorize your outfit than with jewelry? Here at Kelli’s, we have jewelry to suit any wardrobe. With our wide selection of high-quality boutique collections and wholesale trendy jewelry pieces for every budget, your customers will certainly find something that would match their personal needs or as an ideal present for their loved ones! We’ll help you familiarize yourself with the different materials, types, and examples of various jewelry pieces.

Determining Which Material to Shop For


Because brass is one of the most common metals used for making jewelry, it is often mistaken as fake gold. Brass is an alloy made of zinc and copper, with a yellow or white tone. It may be because of its appearance and color that make people think it is made of gold.

However, there are real and fake brass pieces and both feel lighter than real gold jewelry. Authentic brass jewelry pieces may change color or stain because of the usual wear and tear, while fake brass jewelry corrodes and rusts. 


Jewelry items made of pure gold are usually expensive and rare in today’s market. Because of its excellent quality and appearance, gold is often associated with social status and luxury! 

Gold-filled jewelry is rated on the gold-karat rating. Pure gold, at 24 karats, is soft and pliable and needs to be combined with other metals to make it harder and avoid deformity. When gold is plated with rhodium, it gets a white shine and is known as white gold. On the other hand, gold plating or electroplating, also called gold-finish, is used to cover a different type of metal with a thin layer of gold. This makes the jewelry look polished, shinier, and more luxurious.

You may want to check out some of our wholesale trendy  jewelry, in particular, the 18K Gold Finish Cross and Locket Necklace. Sold in increments of 3, it has two charms used as pendants - a cross and a locket, an inspirational gift from Alexa’s Angels! It has a 16” chain with a 2” extender, the perfect length for daily wear or special occasions. 

Platinum and Titanium

The most expensive, rarest metal used for jewelry making is platinum. Do you want to know why? Because platinum is resistant to rust, tarnishing, and corrosion. Since platinum is the most durable, it may be one of the reasons why it is used to make wedding rings. Jewelry made from platinum is also the least likely to create allergic reactions.

Titanium is also durable like platinum, but makes lighter pieces of jewelry. Titanium jewelry is sweat-proof, heatproof, and more comfortable to wear. These jewelry pieces make them suitable for daily use because of their hypoallergenic properties.

Rose Gold

One of the latest wholesale jewelry trends today is jewelry pieces made up of rose gold. And yes, rose gold contains real gold! It is made of an alloy blend of yellow gold, copper, and silver, which gives it the lovely pink or champagne pink appearance. Rose gold is often linked to feminine and romantic characteristics and is a much softer take on gold’s yellow color.

A great example of this rose gold jewelry is our Amanda Blu Inside Out Hoop Earrings. They come in increments of 2 and feature crystals lined up in the hoop of the earrings. These hoop earrings have a stud closure at the back, and a silicone closure with a rose gold plug.


The types of silver used in jewelry can be confusing. Silver is either silver-plated or sterling silver. Sterling silver is mostly pure silver with less than 10% other metal components, making it more expensive but more durable than silver-plated. On the other hand, silver-plated jewelry pieces are made of a different metal, covered with silver. If the plating is too thin, it will tend to chip quickly due to wear and tear. But with careful selection, you can find jewelry items with thick silver coverage and a metal base that can withstand daily usage. That way you will not splurge on sterling silver but still, get higher quality silver.

Want to give your customers excellent quality but remain on a silver jewelry budget? Check out our Amanda Blu Silver Braided Rings, available in various sizes. They are sold in increments of 2 and come with crystal accents all around. These are perfect for wearing alone or for a more fashion-forward feel. You can stack them or wear them with other rings!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel jewelry is a cheaper alternative for titanium but is heavier. It has nickel and iron that makes people allergic to it at times. Stainless steel jewelry pieces come with rhodium plating to preserve their shine and make them last longer.  

Jewelry Stones Your Customers are Sure to Love

Precious Stones

Diamond is the most popular and most expensive gemstone used in jewelry-making. The cost of each diamond depends on its cut, clarity, and color. Diamonds are often worn for special occasions and add elegance, attractiveness, and appeal to the wearer.

Semi-Precious Stones

And because not everyone can afford diamonds, other stones can be used to adorn jewelry pieces such as semi-precious stones. Semi-precious stones usually have a significant meaning for the wearer and are ideal for daily use.  Examples of semi-precious stones are the amethyst for spiritual protection and Jade for soothing the soul. 

If you are looking for wholesale trendy jewelry items for your gift shop, you can add this Adjustable Heart Bracelet. It comes with semi-precious stones and a heart pendant complete with seven strands of glass beads, iron, and pearls that will brighten the day of each wearer. Plus, these cute bracelets fit most wrist sizes and are sold in artisan detailed gift boxes. 


These stones represent the month when you were born. Birthstones are a fun way to customize jewelry without the need to engrave the recipient’s name. Ruby and sapphire are some of the most common birthstones used in jewelry-making.

Add these Birthstone Rosaries to your boutique collection of wholesale jewelry! They are symbols of faith that come in different colors depending on the birth month. What’s perfect is that these best-sellers are sold in a display box of 12 pieces, representing each month of the year. Encourage your customers to gift these assorted design 16-inch rosaries for baptism, first communion, birthday, or graduation! 

Man-made Stones

Another popular wholesale jewelry trend is man-made stones. Because diamonds are not always affordable, most people prefer cubic zirconia as an alternative. Their brilliance and sparkle are almost the same as the diamond, but fit the budget and will not break the bank! 

Ideal for your buyers’ special events, our Julia Harper Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Earrings can complete any outfit worn at any celebration! These earrings are also nickel-free and hypoallergenic, with a back lever closure. They are sold in increments of 3 pieces of peggable cards for easy display.

Another example is the Swarovski stone. These famous laboratory stones were made in the 1800s by Daniel Swarovski. What better way to celebrate a little girl’s first birthday or baptism than with our Pink Swarovski Pearl Baby Bracelet? A baby’s first bracelet is as special as this bracelet that fits 0-12 month infants and comes with an adjustable chain – perfect for a growing baby. They come in increments of 2, already packed in a gift box, and pegged for easy merchandising.  All handmade in the USA!

Common Wholesale Trendy Jewelry Choices


A popular type of bracelet is the bangle which can be worn in layers or one piece at a time. If you want to give wearing options to your customers, be sure to purchase our 5-Piece Rhinestones Bangle Bracelets. They come in various color options to match each personality and are sold in increments of 4 with peggable packaging. One size fits all!

Adjustable bracelets are also trending nowadays. With our Round Disc Pull-Cord Bracelet in Rose Gold, you can provide an excellent adjustable bracelet option to your consumers. Not only do these bracelets accommodate wearer size, but they are available in a trendy rose gold color to suit any of your outfits.  


Newborn babies can have their ears pierced when they are just days-old. So why not start fashion at an early age? Your customers will adore putting these Baby’s First Earrings on their baby girls’ ears! They are 14K gold-plated so that you can be sure of the quality, plus you can easily put them up with their beautiful display box in your retail store.  Each set comes with 12 pairs of assorted earrings to give a variety of choices for your buyers.


A new addition to our necklace catalog is the Silver Open Ring Loose Necklace. Sold in increments of 2 pieces, your customers will love this trendy style featuring a ring in the center of the necklace that gives it a 2-in-1 feel. The pendant comprises cubic zirconia crystals to add sparkle and life to a plain dress, top, or playsuit!


Wholesale fashion rings can be worn together and stacked up or work alone. Our Amanda Blu ring selection offers various designs like the Silver Celtic Knot,Silver Cross Ring, and the Silver Eternity Ring, all sold in increments of 2. They are filled with cubic zirconia crystal accents, which add glitz to any outfit or occasion! These wholesale fashion rings will attract attention to the hands of the wearer, and are great for gifts.

Best Place to Buy Wholesale Trendy Jewelry

Looking for a supplier of  boutique collection jewelry wholesale? If you want your customers to purchase timeless and valuable jewelry that can bring sentimental value both to the giver and receiver, you have come to the right place. No matter how sparkling, big, or subtle, for daily wear or special events, you’ll find a variety of options with Kelli’s wide selection of wholesale trendy jewelry items your customers and their loved ones will surely love!

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Employers often forget to show their employees how they value them for all their hard work. Employee appreciation gifts are the perfect way to acknowledge the presence of their staff and personnel. 

What better place to look for employee appreciation gift ideas thanKelli’s! With a wide variety of options for all types of employee appreciation gifts, no matter the theme, occasion, or budget, your buyers will never run out of choices!

Ready to stock the ideal rewards for your customers’ industrious and exemplary workers? Read on to find out more employee appreciation gift ideas!

Why are employee appreciation gifts important?

Gifts to employees are significant because they become sources of motivation and inspiration. Inexpensive employee appreciation gifts and DIY gifts, even though simple, lets the workers know that they are valued, resulting in increased productivity. 

Gifts also promote creativity and innovation, as employees strive to maintain excellent standing! Employee appreciation gifts help develop trust and loyalty by strengthening and deepening working relationships between managers and employees. Connecting with colleagues regularly, regardless of the occasion, helps strengthen relationships and create a harmonious work atmosphere.

Most significantly, receiving or giving a gift makes people happy! It is a basic human need to feel appreciated and valued, so giving gifts helps spread good vibes and positivity, particularly in your organization. Doesn’t it feel good to share and make you happy as well?

Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts

Daily use

Employee appreciation gifts can be practical and functional. OurCanvas Tote Bag – Be True Be Kind can be used every day with its 100% cotton material to fit all the work essentials and more! Spread positive thoughts with these 12-inch handle tote bags sold in sets of 2 and printed with a different message on each side. 

Another great employee appreciation gift for your customers is theJessica Simpson 24oz aluminum hydration bottle. They are sold in 6-piece increments and can hold both hot and cold drinks, keeping them hot or cold for hours! This durable and leak-proof container suits standard size cup holders and can be hooked to the bag for people who are always on the go.

Chill and unwind

Employees deserve a break! While it would be wonderful to offer days off or complimentary weekend lodgings, that might be outside the budget of most managers! Your customers’ employees will definitely love these presents, which provide them with ultimate relaxation to ease job stress. 

TheAroma home microwavable shoulder wrap is filled with flaxseeds and essential oil fragrances that give relief to aching shoulders. Simply microwave and place on shoulders to ease body tensions. What’s great is that these are sold in packs of 2 and come ready to distribute to your buyer’s team in a great window type package! 

For double purpose as a paperweight and display, thisPorcelain aroma diffuser with peppermint oil - succulent is a great gift to any team. It comes with a 15ml bottle of therapeutic peppermint oil that lasts up to 2 weeks! It can be used with any essential oil and is sold by 2s.

Employee Appreciation Gift Baskets

For busy team leaders who still want to show appreciation to their hardworking employees, recommend employee appreciation gift baskets. 

One lovely gift basket idea is thisNaked Bee Gift Set with coconut and honey because it is already in a convenient gift box filled with a hand and body lotion, lip balm, and body butter! They are paraben and gluten-free and are sold in sets of 6. 

For pre-assembled gifts, we haveKelli’s Exclusive Thank You Candy Cubes. These are reusable Hershey’s Kisses-filled glass jars already topped with a large bow and Thank You tag! Perfect for appreciating hard-working employees, these gift baskets are sold in sets of 6.

DIY employee appreciation gift baskets and sets can also be given by those with more time on their hands. It will provide an opportunity to integrate the company’s brand, or to add a personalized touch to the items given to each person.

Stationery supplies

The term stationery might make you think of post-its and highlighters – not exactly great gift material! But inexpensive, practical items that have a unique twist can help brighten the work day. For example, we supply these2-Piece Pen Sets perfect for note-taking, complete with gold-tone clips! These refillable, medium tip black pens are already packaged in a small presentable gift box sold in sets of 4. 

Gift shop owners can easily build DIY employee appreciation gifts by pairing them with our “Good vibes only”hardback journal to jot down memos of weekly huddles. These hardback journals are sold in 4s with lined pages complete with a ribbon bookmark for easy access!

Sentimental items

Another great employee appreciation gift idea is to display items that help keep their purpose and motivation in life. We have aClip Picture Frame on Wooden Pedestal. They can hang captured moments and even border with Pride and Prejudice yellowed paragraphs for that vintage feel! They are sold in sets of 3 frames and are made of MDF/wood, so you can be sure of their durability. 

For the variety of hanging or standing, try ourWood Signs with Blessing Bead Handles with 3 different styles of encouraging messages that employees will definitely love! 

The perfect place to buy

If you are still looking for the perfect source of wholesale gifts for hardworking team members, look no further! You are at the right place here at Kelli’s

We have all the latest gifts and classic, refined products that never go out of style and are constructed of high-quality materials suitable for display or everyday usage. We have a variety of employee appreciation gifts to save your customers time and prevent them from missing out on opportunities to show employees how much they are appreciated. Choose from a variety of wholesale employee appreciation gift ideas that your customers will adore!

Get Well Soon Gift Ideas for Kids

Get Well Soon Gift Ideas for Kids

When a child you love is going through a tough time when it comes to their health, be it a broken bone, surgery, or hospitalization, you’ll probably want to do whatever you can to make them feel better. A thoughtful gift is a great way to show that someone you love that you are thinking of them. Here’s a curated list of the best get well soon gift ideas for the special young people in your life.

Get Well Soon Messages

While a well-worded, “proper” message is usually best kept for adults, kids can also enjoy a get well soon message. Cards for kids can be colorful, silly, and extra exciting. Think pop-up cards, cards with sounds, or cards with feathers and fun textures. 

You can write them a silly poem to make them laugh, or include a picture of something that they love, like you pulling a silly face, your dog, or their favorite movie/TV show character.

Balloons for Every Occasion

Get well gifts for kids don’t just have to come in the form of a card – after all, there are balloons for every occasion! Kids love balloons, and abig, shiny balloon with a sweet message can be just the thing to brighten up their day. It lets them know that you’re thinking of them as well as being something that they can play with. 

You could also get a balloon that lets them know that they’reone tough cookie, one that has a cutebulldog, or one that’s got asmiley face to cheer up their room.

A Stuffed Friend

Perhaps one of the best get well gifts for kids is a stuffed toy. This can be anything from ateddy bear who looks like he’s had a visit to the hospital himself, to a littlebeanie bear that has ‘get well soon’ written on him. For something a little different, you could even get them agorilla,tiger, or amonkey!

Another sweet idea is a stuffed friend that doubles as an activity. You could get them an animal that’sdesigned to be autographed - this way, they have something to focus on that isn’t their health. If they’re in a hospital, then they could get all of the nurses and doctors that have helped them to sign their stuffed toy, and if not, they could get their neighbors, friends, classmates, teachers, or anyone they’d like to sign it. 

And once they’ve done that, their new stuffed friend will forever serve as a reminder that even when they go through hard times, they are never alone.

Visit Them

You might not want to or be able to get your loved one a gift, but this isn’t a problem! The best and most valuable gift will always be your time. Go see them and spend some real, quality time with them. Have genuine conversations and bond with them, whether that’s by playing a board game, a game of cards, or even a game on their tablet. You could also go for a walk together or even see a movie together. 

In some cases, it’s not possible to pay them a physical visit. That’s okay, because video chatting or a phone call can work out great too. Sometimes, all it takes is seeing or hearing a loved one to feel comforted. 

A Visit From a Furry Friend

Get well gifts for kids don’t have to cost you. You might not be able to get a stuffed toy or fancy card, but if you’ve got a pet or know someone who does, a great idea that doesn’t cost much is bringing their pet around. It doesn’t have to be a long visit, but everybody loves pets – especially kids! 

A visit from an animal can bring so much light into the child’s day, and make them forget all about what’s going on in their life at that moment. Just check with their caregivers and the health providers that are looking after the child that this visit will be okay with them, and of course if the child has any allergies to the pet beforehand.

Their Favorite Food

If your loved one is in hospital or even stuck at home, the food can get boring, repetitive, and unexciting. Try and see if you can find out what their favorite food is, and then you can either order it and get it delivered to them, get it and deliver it yourself, or (best of all) make it just for them. 

There’s nothing quite like having your favorite meal to chase the blues away, especially when you know that someone has poured all of their time, love, and effort into making it for you. 

Books and Magazines

Kids these days might be preoccupied with getting their entertainment from screens, but if tempted with the right material, they’re sure to want to read a good book or magazine. Try and find out what they like to read or what shows they like to watch, and then find either something that’s been on their to-read list, or something that you think they would like based on what they like to watch/read.

Reading will help them pass the time, and as a little bonus, you can even add a cool bookmark to make the experience sweeter! While there certainly are balloons for every occasion, books can be treasured again and again and again. 

Personal Care Items

One of the less commonly given get well soon gifts for kids is personal care items, because they’re usually more geared towards adults. Don’t be discouraged though, as there are plenty of personal care items that you can get for kids that can make their daily routines just a little more enjoyable!

Some of the best options are shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, sunscreen, and toothpaste. There are plenty of companies that do interesting scents, flavors, and themes, often in collaboration with entertainment corporations so you can get a toothpaste that has your loved one’s favorite superhero or Disney princess on it!

Similar to a book, gifts like these will bring joy on more than one occasion, and punctuate an otherwise boring daily routine. 

Comfy Items

Get well soon gift ideas for kids don’t always have to be fun or exciting. Sometimes they can be comforting too. If your loved one is spending a lot of time sitting or lying down, they might enjoy a gift that can be used to do that.

Some great examples are blankets, socks, pillows, and bolsters. These can be animal-shaped, have their favorite TV/movie character, or be their favorite color. This way, they can have a more comfortable time relaxing and recuperating while also being reminded that someone who loves them is thinking about them.


And last but by no means least on our list of get well soon gift ideas, flowers and plants. These are such a great gift idea because they’re beautiful, have health benefits, and can be the next best thing after a pet. The child can look after them and feel responsible for them while also admiring how they look. They’ll also probably smile whenever they see their plant friend and think of you!

Another awesome thing about plants is that they come in all sizes, so you can get one that’s as small as their palm or as big as they are. They come in all sorts of colors too. You can give them all kinds of wacky names, or have a game to come up with the best name for the plant.

And if you think that a live plant might not be a great fit, then you could also try this get well soondaisy, that sways to the song You Are My Sunshine. 


Here at Kelli’s Gifts, we don’t just have balloons for every occasion, but a huge range of gifts as well. We have something for every context and unique person in your life. 

We know that get well soon gift ideas often don’t apply to children specifically, which is why we made this handy guide to try and help you figure out what to get your loved one. 

If you’d like to look through all of our get well soon gift ideas, clickhere. Kelli’s is the perfect source for wholesale get well soon gifts.

Unique Gifts for Friends Who Have Everything

Unique Gifts for Friends Who Have Everything

We all have one of those friends who has everything. You want to give them a gift to show them how much you care, but you’re worried they might already have it. So, at this gift-giving time of year, we are left with a challenge to find the perfect gift for that one person. 

At Kelli’s, we know your customers’ pain, and we are here to help you guide them through this overwhelming mission. We offer you the most extensive collection of bulk holiday gifts, so that you can stock unique and varied items that your customers can be confident will suit their friends. 

In this article, we outline the variety of gifts you can stock for every kind of has-it-all friend – or if you want to jump straight in, you can check out Kelli’s Holiday Home gift ideas here!

For the Pantry Buddy

Your customers will always have a friend who is a foodie or a cook. They will love anything that looks and feels good in their favorite place at home. We have unique and thoughtful ideas for your customers who wish to provide a gift for their kitchen! 

Try our Cutting Board with a Handle that is perfect for their counters. It is made of durable and eco-friendly bamboo. It also has a laser-etched message Friends and Family – the best ingredients.

For your buyers’ friends who love to bake, you can offer our Artisan Hot Pad and Tea Towel Set. This gray and cream-colored set includes a striped tea towel and hot pad with miscellaneous sentiment and floral design. These sets come in increments of 6, with each hot pad and towel made of cotton can be easily cleaned by machine wash.

For those who love food more than anyone else, this Home Plate with Spreader gift set in an open box and tied with jute is perfect for serving and eating dinner. Inspired by hand-thrown pottery, it includes a wooden spreader sold in pairs. This ceramic square plate is dishwasher and microwave safe, so it can be used daily or on special occasions!

For the Slugabed

A slugabed is a person who loves to stay in bed – and especially on the cold winter days, this could apply to all of us! We offer this Soothing Body Wrap in Turquoise for friends who are slumberous. This body wrap can be used hot to enjoy comforting warmth or chilled during summer for that cooling feeling

Simply put it inside the microwave and apply it on the skin on chilly nights or relief from stress, aching joints, and muscles. It can also be used for treating injuries, headaches, and bruises, just put in the chiller, and put on an inflamed area. Sold in increments of two, this body wrap is made of 100% cotton, filled with wheat, and blended pure lavender leaf for that subtle calming fragrance your bed buddy will love.

For those trying to catch their much-needed ZZZ’s, add in this Hooded Weighted Throw Blanket. A weighted blanket can help achieve the ‘hugging effect’, minimizing body movement for deeper sleep and releasing increased melatonin and serotonin –  alleviating blood pressure and heart rate. It makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Your customers will love its extra soft velvet on one side and Sherpa material on the other side. Plus, it’s even hooded for added relaxation! This throw blanket comes in twos and has a clear bag packaging with a “try me” opening on the side.

For the Coffee Lover

Ideal for a friend who loves coffee and companionship simultaneously, we recommend this Defined Best Friend Mug. It features various definitions of a best friend – from the real to the witty – on a mug made of stoneware. This white mug with black lettering and interior can hold as much as 20 oz., microwave, and dishwasher safe, and is sold in increments of 4 pieces.

For a slightly larger gift option, offer your customers our Mug and Socks Set for Friendsto add to the coziness! Your customers’ friends will definitely adore this open-faced acetate box packaging that includes a mug and a pair of socks. The bone china mug can hold a 15.5 oz beverage, and socks fit women size 9-13. The microwave-safe mug also has a “Friends brighten your day” message to complete adding a smile to their faces!

For the Display Collector

The giving season is a great excuse for some holiday home gifts! Some friends enjoy little memorabilia and keepsakes on top of their ledges or framed pictures along the hallway. Trying to find a gift for this kind of friend? Kelli’s got your customers covered! 

Present them with a Friend Framed Box Sign that celebrates friendship! It has a faded style with a worn-out finish for that farmhouse look, with “Friend – thanks for all that you bring to my life” message and a colorful floral design underneath. This wooden framed box comes in 4-piece increments, with an option for standing or hanging, perfect for attracting attention to your display.

An angel to watch over the house or a loved one is an ideal gift. Especially for the sentimental friends who appreciate tokens to know they are taken care of. This Angel Figure stands 5 inches tall, made of resin material, and painted beautifully with a message “Friend you are a joy” at the figure’s lower part. Customers will love this sitting on their friends’ shelf, mantel, counter, and even their office table. This lovely angel figure is holding a lavender stem with brightly colored flowers at the end of her dress and can be bought in increments of 4. 

To keep a special friendship on display either by the bed or on a sofa table, you can offer your customers a Best Friend Block Sign for them to give. It features lovely floral art by Primitives by Kathy with a message in the center “Best friends can share volumes without ever speaking a word”. These bulk holiday gifts are sold in 4 pieces and have a predrilled keyhole slot for hanging or placing on top of a free-standing table.

For Your Travel Companion

Ever wonder what to give a friend who is always by your side when it comes to traveling? Something they can carry around with them while seeing sights while sipping tea at a café or reading a book by the beach, or just admiring the beauty of their next destination on the list. Here’s a dainty polyester Forever Friends Scarf from Dear You Collection they can place in their bag and take anywhere! This one-of-a-kind white scarf displays a thoughtful note in a classic elegant manner, making it a fashionable way to send a special message. Your customers will love its packaging on a peggable card completed with a ribbon!

For friends who always rest during their trip, best give them a comfortable sleep with the World’s Best Neck Support Travel Pillows. A product true to its name, this bestseller has a feather-soft microfiber fill made from recycled materials tucked inside extra soft fabric. While earth-friendly, it provides the perfect support for the neck when riding a plane or car. It comes in various colors and is also machine washable safe for easy cleaning. Your customers’ friends will enjoy these neck pillows as they are also hypoallergenic and have a snap button for effortless attachment to the luggage and around the neck to keep in place. Order 48 pieces of the World’s Best Neck Pillows (sold in increments of 2) and receive a free travel pillow display rack along with your purchase!

For Your Stationery Pal

For the scribbler friend, a gift that will definitely bring a smile to their face is this Zippered Journal for a Friend. It is made of a faux leather flex cover and has a leatherette zipper pull-up closure to secure notes and thoughts. It has 160 lined sheets complete with complementing design inside and an attached ribbon marker for the pages. The hot-stamped design in the front features an inspirational Bible scripture, perfect for the devout friend! These journals can be bought in increments of 2.

Some friends love to give rather than receive. This kind of friend is one of the most difficult ones to provide a gift for because they would rather give something than accept gifts from others. For the givers, the stationery pals your customers want to gift is the Thinking of You Enclosure Cards. Let them know you care about them while passing it forward to other people. It has a “Thinking of You” message and a daisy design which completes the look, perfect for all kinds of gifts and floral arrangements for that lovely friend. The enclosure cards are sold in packs of 50 pieces, envelopes not included.

For the Kid at Heart

For the creative DIY friend, check out our Friends Forever Bracelets. This returning trend can capture your customers’ artistic juices with its bright cords and silver charms included that can be weaved and mixed and matched to form a unique friendship bracelet. The accompanying needle threader can even be applied to beaded creations! This peggable packaged item has an instruction guide for ease of use, is compact in size to take anywhere, and is sold in increments of 3.

We have the perfect unique gift idea for your customers’ friends who still like cute characters! Our Cute Critters Tumbler Set includes a reusable colorful tumbler with a rubber topper, a bath pouf, and a fragrant bath bomb. Your customers will love the adorable and fun assorted designs of dinosaurs, cats, dogs, and unicorns, which can be purchased in 12 pieces.

For the Eveready

Some people love being prepared for every potential emergency. A torn skirt, broken eyeglasses, or even a sudden basement blackout – this friend has what you need. Now, your customers can choose from these gifts for their friends who are always prepared with everything! 

Let’s start with this Sewing Kit from Lynx. This Best Seller item includes a pair of small scissors, safety pins, buttons, measuring tape, thimble, lots of thread and needles, and a needle threader. This basic travel-size sewing kit is perfect inside your desk at work, in your travel bag, or even by your closet at home. This sewing kit comes in a small plastic casing, can be displayed through pegs with its packaging, and is sold in 12 kits per order.

When your glasses fall on the floor and break, it usually takes a while to repair, or you end up throwing them out and resorting to your spare pair. But with this Eyeglass Repair Kit, you can be sure that your glasses will get fixed! Check out our repair kit that comes in blister packs of 12! Each set consists of a screwdriver, nose pads, and hinge rings, a pair of tweezers, and screws. It is ideal for camping, working, and traveling, especially to remote places – or just for that family member who’s forever sitting on their glasses. Your customers will be happy knowing minor repair work is now possible for fixing their glasses and never have to wait for weeks to repair them!

Another unique gift idea for the friend who has everything is this colorful and handy Cranky Critters Flashlight sold in a display box of 12. Who says you can’t give light and fun at the same time? These rechargeable flashlights with ladybug, bee, and snail designs can be manually cranked to let the critter give light via its eyes. They are also fitted with 2 LEDs, making them ideal for keeping in your travel bag or rucksack. One-minute of cranking can provide 15 minutes of light time! Plus, it also has a wrist strap and on-off switch for your convenience!

For Catching Up by the Fireplace

Amongst unique gifts for friends who have everything, making an enjoyable shared experience has to rank highly! Bringing a friend up to date with what’s happening in your life is a fun way to bond and keep the friendship strong. And what better way to enjoy time together than sharing an indulgent gift! This Merry Munchies Holiday Gift Set is the best answer. A Kelli’s Exclusive and one of our best sellers, this mint and hard candy assortment is the perfect grab-and-go gift! Sold in groups of 6, your customers can choose from Bob’s Sweet Stripes, Angel Mints, and Starlight Mints. Each gift set features a reusable glass jar tied with a dainty ribbon topped with the same colored bow, complete with a “To/From” tag on a silver string. Recommend your buyers to purchase one for themselves too, for that long-distance virtual catch-up!

For those who prefer warm beverages this chilly season, go for our unique Prescription Coffee Mug! This ceramic coffee mug features a witty prescription bottle design with an amusing label cover. It can hold 12 oz of your customers’ favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate they can share with their friends over the fire. These humorous coffee mugs are gift boxed and sold in increments of 3.

For the Inspiration Seekers

For friends who need that extra push, check out our Inspirational Box Sign to keep them going. Hang it on the wall or stand it on your office desk. This encouraging sign features a wooden box with a vintage-styled black background. The large bold message reads, “Always remember you are braver than you think, stronger than you seem and loved more than you know”. A message to truly inspire your customers and a unique, uplifting gift every friend will surely love. These boxed signs come in sets of 3.

Another best-seller, these Mason Jar Tin Shaped Signs can be hung on the wall for a constant reminder of everything positive in life. These 5-inch tin signs have a variety of charms connected to twine to fully accessorize the wall. Excellent for that vintage country vibe, with inscriptions for family, happiness, friends, blessings, and even simply living. Sold in increments of 12 signs, these bulk holiday gifts are ideal for friends who already have everything and can be used as a bit of wall décor or something to brighten up their day!

For a Well-Deserved Self-Care

Being a friend to someone who already has everything means it’s challenging to find something they love and haven’t got already. But, when it comes to self-care and me time, your customers can’t go wrong with these gift ideas that will definitely let them know you care for them. It may not cost much, but it is a great reminder that you’re thinking about what’s best for them.

One great example, and a best seller, is our Brompton and Langley Hand Cream. It has a mixture of class and elegance in various luxurious yet refreshing scents like Orange Bergamot, Almond Milk, Vanilla, and Hibiscus. The sweet smell and aroma include a 10% Shea Butter ingredient that will leave your hands feeling smooth and light, without the stickiness. These dainty floral tubes of 2.5 oz hand cream come in a set of 30 assorted tube displays that are travel-sized and can perfectly fit any type of purse!

The Palm Massager is a unique gift idea for friends who love their weekly massage. This massager is now best-selling after buyers enjoyed its effectiveness in relieving muscle pain, body aches, and tension. It also helps alleviate stress and anxiety, improving overall blood circulation and preventing soreness of joints post-workout. The palm massager is easy to use! Simply roll over the area with your hand and let it do its magic! Your customers’ friends will feel  calm and relaxed after a long day at work. They come in 3s, with 3 assorted colors, plus they come in blister packs ready for pegged display!

Another gift for the worn-out, burnout, stressed friend is these Isoflex Marble Therapy Balls. They come in 24 display units made of natural latex material, filled with microbeads and extra lining for elasticity and durability. Not only will it prevent tension, but the palm massager also exercises the fingers, palms, and wrists. It fits perfectly at the palm of the hand for maximum stress relief, and it is small enough to be placed inside the bag or stored inside the house.

For Shopaholics

For your grocery buddy or window-shopping gal, this Vinyl Shopping Tote Bag is the perfect gift you can give! Vinyl is one of the strongest materials you can use as a bag because it is abrasion, rust, and moisture resistant. It is durable so your customers will definitely make this tote their favorite shopping bag! These totes come in a set of 12 assorted designs – from abstract to floral, to landscape and everyday life – with handle colors complimenting the design in front. Plus, it measures 19.5 inches wide, so you’re sure to fit all your groceries and purchased goods safely and securely!

Where is the best place to buy these gifts?

If you are still looking for the perfect source of wholesale unique gifts for friends who have everything, worry no more! You are definitely at the right place here at Kelli’s! We provide you with all the trending and innovative gifts, including traditional elegant items that never go out of style, always remain well-designed and functional for display or everyday use.

Help your customers and their friends enjoy buying these holiday gifts from Kelli’s this holiday season. Take a look at the variety of holiday home gifts that you can add to your store or gift shop and make your customers love every single gift they bought!

The Ultimate Guide to Fidget Toys for Kids - Kelli's Gift Shop Suppliers

The Ultimate Guide to Fidget Toys for Kids

What are fidget toys?

Fidget toys, sometimes called sensory fiddle toys, are small objects that can alleviate an individual’s fidgeting. Fidgeting is characterized by small movements brought about by uneasiness, nervousness, anxiety, and restlessness. Most fidgeting is done by hands – tapping on the table and moving an object around – and is usually done when bored or showing discomfort. Fidget toys or sensory toys are often used by clasping in the hands and provide sensation that redirects one’s attention or has a calming effect.

What are fidget toys used for?

Fidget toys are often used to relax and balance out children’s senses so they can be more productive or to help them stay still. Instead of fidgeting with household items, some of which can be dangerous (scissors or electrical items, for instance), it is best to have fidget toys available. Fidget toys are created to answer sensory needs with touching, popping, squeezing, climbing, pressure, or even visual stimulation! Children become more focused when given a fidget toy because their attention is centered on completing the task at hand. With the repetitive tasks a fidget toy provides, some children are calmer, and others even go to sleep.

Parents of children with developmental disorders like ADHD or autism, or individuals with PTSD, turn to fidget toys as recommended by occupational therapists and pediatricians, to help deal with associated behaviors like inattention, irritability, and distractibility, or difficulties like a lack of focus and sleep. The toys help them control and manage stress and strong emotions, helping them focus on school, go outdoors, and relate well with others.

What should I look for in fidget toys?

Fidget toys tend to be specific and choosing the right one may depend on what parents or individuals need. Here at Kelli’s, we have a range of fun fidget toys you can offer to your customers that are comforting, durable, or discreet.


It is important to know what the fidget toy is trying to achieve. It should be in line with what parents are trying to accomplish. What is the child’s sensory need? What is the problem that needs to be solved? If the fidget toy’s purpose is to calm and soothe, is this what would help the child? Many parents look for fidget toys on the advice of a doctor, and so stocking a variety of different fidget toys will help your customer find one that is in line with the advice they have received. Check out Kelli’s wholesale fidget toys collection to discover the different types of fun fidget toys available.

Relaxing Colors

When choosing fidget toys, the colors should also be relaxing in order to promote focus and attention. Some fidget toys even change color, which helps extend the attention they get. Very bright colors may mean some children will focus on the visual aspect of the toy.

Need a multicolored fidget toy? Our What’Zit Wood Puzzle is a set of 6 bright wooden blocks held by a string that children will love fidgeting with! They come in 24-unit displays and customers can be encouraged to buy two or more to link together, making a larger puzzle. Painted in bold colors with non-toxic paint, this toy is suitable for ages 3 and up.

Interesting texture and sounds

For children who are bored easily or cannot stay still, offer appealing fidget toys that heighten their sense of touch and hearing. Children love pulling or pushing, twisting, and turning things, keeping their hands busy. Other kids respond well to the calming effect of white noise or background sounds, which can cover overwhelming silence and help them go to sleep.

Check out the squeezable, stretchable Twiddle Squish N’ Stretch Textured Ultimate Sensory Toy. These fidget toys come in a set of three different colors and textures, and can stretch up to 5 feet! We also have the fun Push and Pop Play Pad Sensory Toy that is perfect for kids on the go. Its pleasing popping sound is not too loud, and its design and shape can also help kids practice motor skills. Both of these toys are ready for wholesale purchase in 12 and 5 sets, respectively.


Because fidget toys must absorb the extent of their owners’ play, they should be durable and stable. Customers will be looking for an item that is made of strong material and designed to last.

Why not try a 12-piece set of our Nee Doh - the Groovy Glob Stress Ball? These squeezable balls are strong enough to handle the children’s pulling and crushing. Their jelly-like substance is made up of non-toxic compounds and the glob itself is hypoallergenic, cleaned easily, and BPA-, phthalate- and latex-free!

Low visibility

In a classroom setting, kids should not be distracted by a fidget toy another child is using. These toys need to be quiet and fit nicely inside the children’s hands so they (along with their company or class) can focus on other tasks. The fidget toy should not be a source of unnecessary noise or extra movement when its purpose would be served with less.

Try our Tie-Dye Hand Snapper Fidget Toy. This comes in 36 pieces for a display unit, and it is available in assorted prints. Your customers will definitely appreciate this sensory gadget - it fits perfectly inside the palm, and helps to relieve stress and anxiety, which improves concentration. Pressing the suction cups at the same time helps improve wrist and hand movement, and finger flexibility and strength.

What are popular types of fidget toys?

Stress balls

One of the most popular fidget toys – and not just for kids – are stress balls. These are squeezable toys about the size of the hand. They are made of soft material, like silicone, and contain fluid or gel-like liquid inside. They can be compressed and kneaded without breaking, and are usually used to relieve anxiety or tension. They come in different colors, like our Squish Attack Stress Balloon. This stretchable, kneadable, pokable balloon-shaped stress ball can also be tossed and squashed – your customers will have fun for hours!


A trendy, super-cool toy for most kids is the fidget spinner. Also used with children with developmental disorders, these toys are appropriate for kids who love staring at moving objects. They’ll have fun day-in-and-out, for sure! Great for soothing and calming highly active children, we offer the Push Pop Spinner Fidget Toy. It will be your customers’ favorite spinner, with a push bubble pop-it in the middle for extra entertainment!

Clay or putty

Putty is a paste from basic household ingredients like flour, water, and food coloring, but its texture became the basis for a toy for children to develop motor skills, or for hand therapy. Putty can also be a good stress reliever while at home. The only downside of putty is that it can be a messy experience. But we have a solution to that: our popular Slimeez Stretchy Dough Ball can be kneaded, pulled, stretched, and poked in the same way as clay or putty, without the mess. It comes in assorted fun colors and is sold in a set of 12. It is suitable for children aged four and up.

Chains and Puzzles

Chain or puzzle fidgets are solved by pushing or pulling parts together or separately, and will fire your customers’ imagination! It is about visual stimulation rather than a sense of touch, as kids work on their construction and analytic skills. Pop and Play Tubes Sensory Toys are excellent tangle fidgets for your shoppers. Each set comprises three tubes kids can scrunch, twist, bend, and expand. The units also connect to each other, so if your customers purchase two or more, the possibilities are endless!

Soft Animal

Soft animal fidgets differ from plush or stuffed toys because the fidgets’ purpose is stress alleviation. They are like stress balls but shaped into the kids’ favorite animals. Try our Animolds Bubble Frog Keychain. Simply squeeze the frog and watch it imitate blowing a bubble! Both child and adult consumers will love these squishy frogs that are not only low-profile but also double as key chains, so they’re easy to take with you on the go. The silicone-like material makes it durable and perfect to hold inside the palm of the hand.

Where can I buy fidget toys?

Looking for the perfect source of wholesale fidget toys for kids? You’ve come to the right place! At Kelli’s, we stock all the trending fidget toys, as well as the classics that never go out of fashion. Take a look at the types of fidget toys that you can add to your store or gift shop, and that your customers will love! See you there soon.

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