Shipping & Icing Information

Shipping Policies

Processing Times

We strive to pick, pack, and ship orders as fast as possible!  Orders placed before 3:00 PM CST will ship the next business day.  Orders placed after 3:00 PM CST will ship the subsequent business day.  Processing times may be delayed for exceptionally large or bulky orders.

Transit Times

The map below illustrates the FedEx Ground transit times from our warehouse in Carrollton, Texas.

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FedEx transit times are calculated from the day the package is picked up from our warehouse.  Our processing time (1-2 business days) is not included in the transit times above.

Shipping Methods

The vast majority of orders are shipped via FedEx Ground.  Exceptionally large or bulky orders may be sent on pallets via LTL.  Expedited shipping methods are available for an additional cost – please add a note to your order during checkout and we’ll contact you to provides options and rates.

Will-Call Deliveries

Local customers can pick up orders at our headquarters in Carrollton, Texas.  Please add a note to your order during checkout to request that we hold your order for pick-up.  Shipping fees will be voided for will-call orders.  Will-call orders are typically available to pick up the next business day after you place your order.  Please wait until after 12:00 PM CST to pick up your will-call order.

Shipping Charges

Orders shipping to a location within the 48 contiguous states:

Orders of $450 or more will ship for 4.6% of order total via FedEx Ground.  Orders under $450 will be charged the appropriate FedEx Ground rate based on the overall weight and size of the order.  Estimated shipping rates are displayed in your shopping cart for orders under $450.  The shipping rate displayed in your shopping cart is an estimate only; your true freight charges may differ slightly from our estimated rates.  Your final freight charges will be reflected on your invoice.

Orders shipping to Hawaii or Alaska:

Orders of $450 or more will receive a 25% discount off of normal FedEx Ground rates.  Orders under $450 will be charged the appropriate FedEx Ground rates based on the overall weight and size of the order.

Address Correction

If you provide an incorrect or invalid shipping address when placing your order, FedEx will attempt to correct the address so they can deliver your package(s).  In this event, FedEx charges an address correction fee of $21 per shipping carton.  Kelli’s reserves the right to pass along this address correction fee to you.

International Shipping


To streamline the ordering process, Kelli’s will act as the Non-Resident Importer (NRI). This eliminates the customs clearance process for you, thereby reducing the chance of costly returns, simplifying the paperwork involved, and reducing brokerage fees. Kelli’s will invoice you based on the total landed cost, which includes all duties, taxes, customs fees, and shipping charges. 

Duties, taxes, and customs fees will be invoiced at 17% of the total order dollar amount.  This charge will be shown as a separate line item on your invoice.  Your order size and value will determine the shipping method.  Small orders are typically shipped via FedEx Ground, while large orders are typically shipped via FedEx Freight.  Shipping charges are based on Kelli’s discounted rates and will be reflected on your invoice.

Certain items may not be available for international shipment.  We will notify you in the event that an item you ordered is not eligible for shipment to Canada.

The Caribbean & Guam:

Orders shipping to a location in the Caribbean or Guam will be shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail.  Orders of $450 or more will receive a 20% discount off of normal USPS Priority Mail rates.  Orders less than $450 will be invoiced at normal USPS Priority Mail rates.

PO Boxes

FedEx does not deliver to PO boxes.  If you enter a PO box as your shipping address when placing your order, a member of our Customer Service team will contact you to obtain a different shipping address.

Chocolate Icing Policies

Current Icing Status

Kelli's Current Chocolate Icing Status

Chocolate Icing Explained

Kelli's ships chocolate items all year long.  During the warmer months (typically April through September), we use insulated boxes and ice packs to prevent melting and guarantee the freshness of your chocolate items.  We refer to this as “icing season.”

Kelli’s carries two types of chocolate items: “premium” chocolate and “standard” chocolate.  Premium chocolate refers to high-quality, fine chocolate brands like Lindt® and Russell Stover®.  Standard chocolate refers to everyday brands like Hershey® and Reese’s®.  Premium chocolate is more prone to melting than standard chocolate due its delicate, high-quality ingredients.

At the start of icing season – when the weather is warm, but not too hot – we will typically ice premium chocolate only.  As temperatures rise, we will start icing standard chocolate as well as premium chocolate.  We generally start icing for southern states first, then open it up to all states.

Shipping Methods & Restrictions

To further reduce the risk of melting, chocolate items can only be in transit for a maximum of 3 days.  We avoid shipping chocolate items on Thursdays or Fridays, when the transit time includes a weekend.  Even though we pack all chocolate orders with ice packs in insulated boxes, there is a risk of melting if the package sits on a hot delivery truck over the weekend.

If your order contains chocolate items AND non-chocolate items, we will split up your order into a chocolate shipment and a non-chocolate shipment.  This ensures that your non-chocolate items will not be held back or delayed.

If you’re located within 3 FedEx Ground transit days from our warehouse, then your chocolate items will ship via FedEx Ground.  If your location has a FedEx Ground transit time of 4 or 5 days, your chocolate items will be shipped via FedEx 3-Day Express.  You will be required to pay the difference in cost between FedEx Ground and FedEx 3-Day Express.

Review our FedEx Ground map to find your transit time.

Icing Charges

During icing season, an icing fee of $8.50 per shipping carton will be applied to your invoice. Icing fees will be shown as a separate line item on your invoice.  The icing fee will only apply to cartons that contain one or more chocolate items.  When packing your order, we always consolidate your chocolate items as much as possible to minimize the number of shipping cartons required (thereby keeping your icing fees as low as possible).

I’m worried about my bottom line.  How much can I realistically expect to pay in icing charges?

Since multiple items fit in one shipping carton, it's generally more cost effective to order several chocolate items at once.  For example, an order of 3 changemaker tubs of Dove Chocolate Promises comes to roughly $187.  The tubs would be packed into one shipping carton, yielding an icing charge of $8.50 (a cost increase of less than 5%).