Terms & Conditions

Order Minimum

Kelli's minimum order requirement is just $100 (excluding any shipping or handling charges).

Payment Terms

We accept Discover, Mastercard, Visa, P-cards, and debit cards.  Net 30 terms are also available for customers with approved credit.

Credit card payments:

When you submit your order, we'll perform a $0 authorization on your card to make sure it's valid.  The final order total will only be charged to your card once the order is ready to be shipped.  Discover, Mastercard, and Visa cards are accepted.  Please make sure your credit limit is sufficient to cover all charges.  We are not responsible for any charges billed by your credit card company.  If your credit card is declined for any reason, your order will be cancelled and a Kelli’s representative will contact you as soon as possible.

A 3% convenience fee will be assessed on all orders paid via credit card.  This convenience fee is non-refundable and will be shown as a separate line item on your invoice.  To avoid this fee, we suggest applying for net 30 terms by filling out our credit application.

First-time orders:

If you're a new customer, your first order of under $1,000 can be paid via credit card or net 30 terms (assuming you've filled out a credit application and it's been approved).  To help protect us from fraud, first-time orders of $1,000 or more must be paid via ACH.

Net terms:

Net 30 terms are available for customers with approved credit.  To apply for net terms, please fill out a credit application.  Invoices can be paid via check or ACH.  We charge a $20 fee for any returned checks.

Authorized Resale Channels

Certain vendors have strict regulations regarding where and how their products may be resold.  Accordingly, items purchased through Kelli's should only be sold through the following authorized resale channels:

•  Your brick-and-mortar store

•  Your business website

•  Your business catalog or other printed marketing materials

Selling through third-party eCommerce platforms, including (but not limited to) Amazon.com, Walmart.com, eBay.com, and Overstock.com, is not allowed.

Candy & Snacks Shelf-Life Guarantee

Kelli’s strives to supply its customers with the freshest product possible, to ensure an adequate timeframe for resale and consumption.

Because Kelli’s represents and redistributes over 1,000 unique candy & snack SKUs, we are constrained by the shelf-life policy of each manufacturer. There is no uniform shelf-life policy in the industry; some manufacturers define shelf life as “product life from production,” while others define it as “guaranteed shelf life on arrival.” Our goal is to receive product with the longest possible shelf life based on the manufacturer’s specific policy. From there, we follow a strict “first in, first out” inventory process to ensure our on-hand goods remain as fresh as possible.

So, what should I expect?

Most candy and snacks will be delivered with many months of shelf life! However, Kelli’s only guarantees 14 days of shelf life on chips and 30 days on all other candy & snack items.

Use the Kelli’s warehouse as your warehouse! Order smaller quantities more frequently to ensure the freshest product is available to your customers.

Clearance candy & snacks:

Any candy or snack item that’s discounted by 50% or more is not covered by our shelf-life guarantee. These deeply discounted items are final sale and may have shorter shelf lives than usual.

Shipping Policies

Please refer to our Shipping and Icing Information page for more information.

Item Pricing & Pack Size

Items are sold in certain pack sizes, as indicated on our website and in our catalogs.  Some items, like display boxes and candy tubs, are sold individually.  Other items, like balloons or bagged snacks, are sold in a specific pack size (i.e. increments of 2, 6, 12, etc.).  Pack sizes are subject to change without notice.

You will be charged the price that's in effect at the time of your order.  Items are subject to the best published price at the time of sale.  In the event that multiple sales or promotions are offered, the lowest published price will be applied to your order.  Multiple discounts will not be applied to the same item; the better discount will be applied.

Item prices are subject to change without notice.  In case of a price change, Kelli's will make every reasonable effort to inform you of the change.

Minimum Advertised Pricing

To help protect our vendors and their associated brands, Kelli's has established a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy.  A MAP Policy not only protects the brand, but also ensures a level playing field for any and all resellers in today's competitive retail environment.

To be a Kelli's customer, you must comply with our MAP Policy and agree to never advertise items for less than the minimum approved prices set by our vendors.  You are not authorized to promote, market, or advertise products for less than the approved MAP.  Only a small selection of items are restricted to MAP pricing.  If an item has a MAP price in effect, you will see the MAP price when viewing the item on our website.

Kelli's MAP Policy does not establish maximum advertised pricing.  All customers are free to advertise the price of any product as long as it is at or above the MAP price.

Item Descriptions

Kelli's always attempts to present and describe each item as accurately as possible.  However, due to print and digital variations, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on our website or in our catalogs will match the actual product's color.


Certain items are sold in an assortment of styles, sizes, shapes, and/or colors.  These variables may vary with each order you place.  Assorted items may not look exactly like the specific assortment pictures in the product photo(s).  Assorted items may contain all or only some of the pictured varieties of the product.  Availability of assortments will vary.

Typographical errors:

Kelli's strives to provide product information as accurately as possible, but typographical errors may occur from time to time.  Kelli's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions after an order has been placed.

UPC codes:

While most of the items we distribute have UPC codes, we do not guarantee that all items have one.  We will not be held liable for misprinted codes or those that cannot be read by optical equipment.  You can find the UPC code information for a particular item by reviewing the product details page.

Returns, Backorders & Preorders

Please refer to our Returns and Backorders page for more information.