Wholesale Playmobil Toys

Wholesale Playmobil Toys

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About Playmobil

Playmobil is a toy company that manufactures toys from high-quality materials. These toys are made in Europe – Zirndorf, Germany to be exact – by Brandstätter Group. They began creating the Playmobil 3-inch figures in 1974 and have since grown into an award-winning international brand that encourages role-playing and stimulates children’s creativity and imagination during playtime. By 2019, Playmobil had produced approximately 3.5 billion figures in over 40 play themes across 100 countries worldwide! Playmobil is still working hard to make high-quality figures that kids have loved for over four decades, as well as developing new features and upgrades to keep joy and happiness in every child's playroom.


Wholesale Playmobil Toys

Figures with different play themes are appreciated and played by girls and boys of all ages!  These toys train little minds to think outside the box, foster their left-brain development, and motivate social skills early. 

You can stock wholesale Playmobil toys in a selection of themes like Camping Trip, Kitchen, and Classroom. Playmobil also features several transportation figures like Ambulance, School Bus, Helicopter, Motorbike, and even Horseback Riding

We also offer Playmobil bulk orders on playsets including the Garden Play Box, Hospital Play Box and Vet Clinic Play Box.  These playsets are perfect for traveling: all the figures are kept in a carrying case with a handle for easy hold and transport. We even have a Go-Kart Racer and Nursery Carry Case for little ones’ enjoyment and fun!


Playmobil Wholesale Distributor

As a Playmobil wholesale distributor, Kelli’s can provide Playmobil toys in display boxes or per unit. Our wholesale Playmobil toys selection allows our retail customers to carry this fantastic line of toys in their stores. With Kelli’s status as an authorized Playmobil bulk distributor, gift shops and toy stores will never run out of supply. Enjoy the guaranteed quality of packaging and hassle-free shipping for retailers all over the US and Canada!