Wholesale Products for Gift Shops

Every gift shop manager knows the hassles of retail all too well — especially the inconvenience of sourcing items from multiple vendors. Save time and avoid lost sales by consolidating multiple vendors into one reliable partner (that’s us!). Kelli’s carries 5,000 items and represents 600 vendors. With over 20 years of experience, Kelli’s is entrusted by hospital gift shops, hotel gift shops, casino gift shops, boutiques, pharmacy front-ends, Amazon resellers, and other specialty stores.

About Us

Since 2000, Kelli's Gift Shop Suppliers has been a leading wholesale gifts supplier to thousands of gift shops worldwide. Having managed their own chain of hospital gift shops, founders Mike and Lori Cohen used their expertise in the industry to start a wholesale gift items company that serves the unique needs of specialty gift shops. Kelli's Gift Shop Suppliers' customers receive free freight, exceptional customer service, and next day shipping on most orders. Small pack sizes give customers the flexibility to purchase in small quantities while enjoying the benefits of bulk pricing.

Kelli's has solidified its reputation as a reliable one-stop gift wholesaler for hospital gift shops, independent pharmacies, airport gift shops, baby boutiques, casinos, college bookstores, gas stations, and more. Our wide range of wholesale gift items is sourced from more than 500 vendors and includes balloons, candy, snacks, gift bags and boxes, baby items, over-the-counter medicine, travel size toiletries, electronics, stuffed animals, toys, and more. We also specialize in wholesale novelty gifts, such as funny signs and coffee mugs, and Christian gifts, such as rosaries and angel figurines.

Become a Wholesale Customer

We sell to businesses, not the general public, and your valid Resale Tax ID is required.

Free freight on all domestic orders of $450 or more