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Shop a wide variety of wholesale candy and snacks for gift shops, boutiques, hotels, and more. We offer chocolate, candy bars to bagged chips, bulk candy tubs, and much more!

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With top wholesale snacks from leading brands such as Blue Diamond, Chex Mix, Cheez Its and so much more, we will sure to have all fan favorites in our snack collection. We also carry top wholesale candy brands like Russell Stover, Lindt, Hershey, and M&M Mars to provide quality sweets for your store customers. We also cater to those who require gluten free or sugar free options. For chocolate lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you. Because of the perishable nature of chocolate, Kelli’s will ship your chocolate all year round using our specialized insulated shipping containers and gel packs to ensure safety and quality of every chocolate product. Browse our collection of wholesale candy and snacks today to find all of your sweet and salty treat needs.