Wonka Laffy Taffy - Strawberry

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  • Brand Laffy Taffy
  • Catalog January
  • Catalog Page # 279
  • Features Kosher
  • Selling Unit TUB
  • Units per Display 145
  • UPC 028000321628
Product Details
KOSHER. BEST SELLER! Sold in tub of 145 pcs.

Laffy Taffy is Willy Wonka's favorite taffy. It is available in fruit flavors and each wrapper comes with a corny kid's joke. For example, "What do you call a cow with no legs? - Ground Beef." Another might be "What's an owl's favorite subject? -- " owlgebra"

Laffy Taffy is a brand of candy first produced in the 1970's. The name refers to both the texture (taffy) and silliness (each wrapper has a joke). The jokes are usually sent in by children who are credited on the wrapper.

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