Wholesale PPE Items - Protective Face Masks, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer & More

Wholesale PPE Items - Protective Face Masks, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer & More

6 Items

6 Items

Wholesale Personal Protective Equipment and Bulk PPE Items

Personal protective equipment, or PPE for short, is equipment that limits exposure to hazardous materials, pathogens, and more. PPE gear is meant to protect the user's body from injury, infection, and illness. Traditionally, PPE has been worn by healthcare workers and other employees that may be exposed to hazardous environments. Due to Covid-19, the general public is now encouraged to wear personal protective equipment in their everyday lives. PPE commonly includes items like protective clothing, helmets, masks, goggles, gloves, and respirators.

Wholesale Protective Face Masks:

Shop wholesale protective face masks — including cotton masks, 2-layer masks, 3-layer masks, and KN95 masks — for the whole family. Kelli's carries a wide variety of protective masks for adults as well as face coverings for children in bulk.

Face Shields and Safety Glasses in Bulk:

Wholesale face shields offer full face protection, while safety glasses and goggles offer extra protection for the eyes.

Wholesale Protective Gloves:

Our collection of protective gloves includes non-latex gloves, polyethylene gloves, and nitrile gloves.

Bulk Hand Sanitizer:

Shop for wholesale hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand soap. We offer hand sanitizer in a variety of sizes and bottle styles, including 2oz travel-size bottles, large pump bottles, and more. Sanitizing wands allow you to sanitize hard and soft surfaces quickly and easily.

Wholesale Disinfectant Spray:

Keep surfaces fresh and clean with disinfectant spray. Kelli's carries aerosol and non-aerosol varieties.

Non-Contact Thermometers

Non-contact digital thermometers are ideal for workplaces where employees need to check the temperatures of customers and other employees.