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Product Details:

This Squishy Dumplin' steamed dumpling bun fidget toy comes in the most adorable little steamer for storage, just like the real thing! Soft to the touch and comforting, squeeze and play with the bun to release pressure to help you relax and refocus. Squishy Dumplin' is great for emotional and physical stress relief. Great for children with ADHD/ADD or autism and people with OCD or high stress or anxiety levels. Round and cuddly by design, it's both a fun toy and a great therapeutic tool to have at home or at the office!

  • Each squishy dumplin' set measures 4 inches by 4 inches by 3 inches
  • Sold in increments of 6
  • Each set includes 1 squishy dumplin' stress toy and 1 case
  • Non-sticky and super elastic, squeeze and pinch to release the pressure, and slowly return to the original shape after letting go
  • Great fidget toy and stress reliever!
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