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Product Details:

Now and Later® candies are bite-size pieces of taffy that last a long time... some for now and some for later. The long lasting chews come in assorted flavors of grape, cherry, banana, strawberry, and apple. Each candy is individually wrapped. Sold in a changemaker tub that is perfect for keeping at a checkout counter or giving away to customers as a token of appreciation.

  • Sold in a changemaker tub
  • Each tub contains 500 Now and Later candies
  • Assorted flavors: grape, cherry, strawberry, banana, and apple
  • Each candy is individually wrapped
  • Perfect impulse buy item
  • Kelli's exclusive!
Kelli’s exclusive
  • Catalog January
  • Catalog Page # 267
  • Category Candy and Snacks
  • Features Kelli's Exclusive
  • Available to Sell on Amazon No
  • Selling Unit Tub
  • Units per Display 500