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No Longer Available

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No Longer Available
Product Details:
Sold in display unit of 120 pcs.

Scrumptious striped candy nuggets with a fabulous cherry flavor, each piece is individually wrapped to seal in freshness. What, you might ask,is a lump?

These refreshing hard candies go by the term "lump" because of their jumbo size. At 1.5 inches long, they're larger than your average, bite-sized sweet. The smooth peppermint taste of these after-dinner mints is so scrumptious and lasts such a long time that we dare say these lumps are practically the perfect candy! There's just one vital flaw with Bob's Peppermints: You may find that they disappear from your candy dish quicker than regular mints. But as long as you're happy to share the candy's delicious flavor, then that fact can be quite easily overlooked!

  • Catalog January
  • Catalog Page # 270
  • Category Candy and Snacks
  • Available to Sell on Amazon Yes
  • Selling Unit Display box
  • Pieces per Unit 120

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