Our Story

Kelli's Gift Shop Suppliers is now in its 19th year of business, and we're more excited than ever about our future!

Kelli’s was started in 2000 when the founders, Mike and Lori Cohen, sold their hospital gift shops and started a wholesale company dedicated to serving the special needs of hospital gift shops and other specialty gift shops. For 20 years, their shops taught them firsthand what was truly needed from a vendor. After being unable to find a reliable supplier who could provide a wide variety of quality products, they decided that the only solution to their problem was to become that supplier. Thus, Kelli’s was born!

Today, Kelli's offers more than 5,000 items representing more than 500 vendors across 12 major categories. We religiously ship within 1 business day and we offer free freight every day on any domestic order of $450 or more. Kelli's produces 3 catalogs each year: a full-line catalog in January, a spring supplemental catalog in May, and a fall supplemental catalog in September. Each catalog includes at least 500 new items that have never appeared in a Kelli's catalog before.

Become a Wholesale Customer

We sell to businesses, not the general public, and your valid Resale Tax ID is required.

Free freight on all domestic orders of $450 or more